1 in 5 Australian women will be Sexually Assaulted in their lifetime – Australian Bureau of Statistics

What we do

We are a not-for-profit organisation committed to reducing gender-based violence in Australia. We are based near Byron Bay & currently service the Northern Rivers region & surrounds. We provide Empowerment & Self Defence (ESD) training which is a comprehensive, trauma-informed approach to learning emotional, mental & physical skills for personal safety. It is designed specifically to empower vulnerable populations to live safe, violence-free lives. Our workshops combine the physical skills of self-defence with empowerment training covering topics such as: •  Awareness & Mindfulness •  Effective Communication •  Respectful Relationships •  Boundary Setting •  Self Care & Self Esteem •  Risk Assessment •  Consent •  Fight-Flight-Freeze Response •  Simple and Effective Physical Techniques •  Survivor Advocacy •  And So Much More…
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Our Training

Through real-life scenarios and practice drills, we coach you to find your voice, your inner strength and your physical confidence. Our services include multiple tiers of training focused on supporting communities at the greatest risk of sexual violence and physical assault.

We believe that cost should be no barrier to getting this vital training so we make scholarships available for every workshop we do.

Empowerment Self Defence (ESD)

All Personal Safety courses are not created equal… Empowerment Self Defence (ESD) is a comprehensive method of  trauma-informed, violence prevention education and personal safety skills for girls and women.


ESD was designed by women specifically for women and teaches recognition of threatening situations in the early stages with appropriate boundary-setting skills and risk-assessment strategies to stop an assault before it becomes physical. Since over 80% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows, these strategies and skills are designed to address the most common experiences of women in addition to addressing those assaults that are perpetrated by strangers.

What You Will Learn

We teach verbal, mental and physical skills for de-escalation and assault prevention, including assertive body language, boundary setting, using your voice as a weapon, adrenal stress scenarios and the making of informed choices to assess and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Physical Skills

All of the physical skills we teach are easy to learn and highly effective in preventing assault or ending an assault that may already be in progress. We use principles that work for any body-type and fitness level: strong against weak, hard against soft, closest weapon closest target; as well as tapping into the innate fighting spirit that we all have.

Our Teaching

At Empowered Today our instructors use multi-modal learning methods including lecture, discussion, games, personal reflection, and kinaesthetic exercises. The interactive social nature of ESD classes is an important component of the learning environment.

“We will equip you with a wide range of skills to navigate volatile situations in any environment”

“Women’s self-defense training is the only sexual violence prevention strategy with solid evidence of effectiveness at reducing rates of victimization”Jocelyn Hollander, Professor of Sociology, University of Oregon



Our Intro course is a 3 hour introduction to Empowerment Self-Defence

  • Situational Awareness
  • Busting Safety Myths
  • Boundary Setting
  • And more ...


Our Basix course is a 1 day workshop in Empowerment Self-Defence - inculdes everything from the 'Intro' course plus...

  • Pre-Violence Indicators
  • Verbal De-escalation
  • Rape Defence
  • And more ...


A 2 day workshop held over 2 weekends - includes everything from 'Basix' plus...

  • Grabs/Holds/Strangles
  • Predator Assault
  • F.A.S.R. Training
  • And more ...



Our basic 3 hour workshop where students are introduced to the verbal, mental and physical skills for de-escalation and the making of informed choices for violence prevention. 

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$247 $123*

Our Mother/Daughter workshop which includes everything from the ‘Intro’ course plus specific issues faced by Teens such as Safe Partying, Porn, Risk Assessment and Consent. 

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Our flagship ‘Basix’ workshop: verbal, mental and physical skills for de-escalation plus real-life scenarios to learn how to walk, talk or fight your way out of potentially violent encounters

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